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How is GetSidekicks different? Read below to learn about our process for trust and safety.

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Resume review

All Sidekicks submit a resume that is reviewed by our Trust and Safety team.

Screening form

After the resume review, certain care providers are invited to fill out an online screening form. Based on their responses they are invited to the next round of review.

Video interview

At this point, each person goes through a 30 minute interview with one of our team members. Each potential Sidekick is scored with our proprietary scoring system which weighs the Sidekicks responses across safety, communication, experience, and commitment to the military community.

We always ask ourselves, "would we hire this person to watch out own children?"

Background checks

The final step in our process is for potential Sidekicks to go through a rigorous background check. We ain't playing no reindeer games. Each person goes through: National Background Check, Sex Abuse Registry Check, State and County Database, Federal Watch List, National Sex Offender Registsry, and National Most Wanted Lists

and then..

Once a Sidekick is invited to the community, our system does continuous background checks on each Sidekick. Families that hire the Sidekick can leave a rating and review. Any Sidekick receiving three or fewer stars (out of a total of five stars) is immediatly removed from the community.


Sidekicks are independent contractors, we do a lot to make sure we can connect families with high quality, reliable care givers, ultimately you should do some research too and if you ever feel like something if "off" about a Sidekick ask them to leave and let us know. GetSidekicks Inc, isn't liable for the actions or words of the Sidekicks you get connected with, so be smart and listen to your gut.

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