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Babysitter Interview Guide

GetSidekicks makes building your squad of care easy, making military child care a breeze.

With a good first conversation, you can set the stage for a positive and long-lasting relationship. Here are some key questions to ask that go beyond a babysitter's profile to get a sense of their personality and approach:

  1. Building Rapport:

  • Local Connections:  If you feel comfortable, you can ask how long they've been in the area and if they enjoy living here. This can be a good conversation starter.

  • Interests Beyond Babysitting:  Explore their hobbies and interests outside of childcare to get a sense of their personality.

  • Finding Common Ground: Look for shared interests or experiences that can create a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere during the interview.

  1. Getting to Know Your Sidekick:

  • Experience: Ask about their overall childcare experience and specifically with children similar in age to yours.

  • Availability and Rate: Discuss their typical hours and schedule to see if they align with your needs.  Be upfront about your budget for babysitting.

  • Emergency Preparedness:  Find out if they are CPR and First-Aid certified and how they would handle unexpected situations.

  1. Beyond the Basics:

  • Activities Galore:  Explore their preferred activities with children to see if they match your family's interests.

  • House Rules and Expectations:  Discuss your approach to discipline and screen time to ensure everyone's on the same page.

  • Unique Needs:  If your children have dietary restrictions or special needs, inquire about their experience managing them.

Once your interview is over, offer a trial session where the Sidekick comes to your house to meet you and your kids in-person. You can also ask for references, including previous families they've worked for and previous employers.

If you decide to hire your Sidekick, GetSidekicks will get to work to integrate your calendars and automate messaging and reminders for the both of you. We'll also assist you in building your complete squad of caregivers so you always have covered from doctor appointments to deployments!

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