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Frequently Asked Questions

Watch or read, the choice is yours! Here are some of responses to the most frequently asked questions about GetSidekicks. If you have a question not listed, please reach out to us at

What is a military-affiliation?

We are glad you asked as GetSidekicks was built to exclusively serve individuals affiliated with the US military. We define a military-affiliation as someone that is a veteran, retiree, active duty, Reservist, Guard, DOD civilian or a spouse of any of those groups, as well as Gold Star families, military brats, and ROTC students.


how do you confirm the identity of community members?

Whether an individual is looking for work or posting a job, all members of the GetSidekicks community must provide a valid US-issued driver license.


what happens after I get my list of sidekicks?

In order to build your squad of Sidekicks, you will submit information related to the type of care and Sidekick you desire. Our algorithm will suggest a squad of Sidekicks for you. You choose which ones you'd like to add to your squad. The process is totally private for the family - the ONLY way for a Sidekick to know if you've considered them for the job is when you select them. In other words, a Sidekick you did not select will never know they were considered for the job.


do sidekicks have access to base?

It depends. Most Sidekicks do.


do sidekicks or job posters have criminal background checks?

Yes. All Sidekicks undergo the following checks:

National Criminal Database

State and County Database

Federal Watch Lists

National Sex Offender Registry

National Most Wanted Lists

PLUS they go through a thirty minute video interview with someone from our team.

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